Thursday, April 19, 2012

In Your Face...Sorry

Good morning everyone, so I have been trying to redo my header on my blog and I think I really messed it up!! Matter of fact I know I did, because it seems like I made it so big it is now in your face kinda, and the funny thing is I never changed the size or anything, at least I don't think I did!! Hmmmm, so I thought about taking it down and putting up the old one I had originally but I am not going to do that.
It took me forever and 10 days just to figure this out. So if I change it who knows how much bigger it will be!! HA! I hope evreryone has a wonderful day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shaving the Cat...

 Good morning everyone, I hope your day has started on the right foot, or at least on some foot!!!So funny or odd things seem to happen on a regular basis in our family, mostly these things involve our 10, 13 or our 17 year old. Wow are they really that old????  On with the story...
 On Sunday AFTER cleaning the two main bathrooms, the older daughter (17 year old) decides she is going to cut her boyfriends hair in my just freshly cleaned bathroom, I said you know you will be cleaning the bathroom immediately after you are done, she says I know mom! The husband says, it's not a big deal, she will take care of it, ok Mr. no one asked for your two cents right now!!! Anyway I maintain my calm, cool and collected attitude(this is so not true) and waited, she did clean up after herself, I was very happy that she did clean but still in the back of my mind I was still thoroughly peeved that she waited till I cleaned the stupid bath before she would go in and mess it up.
 In the meantime the husband went out to clean  the garage, he was out there really working like nobody's business sweeping, blowing out crap from the garage, straigtening etc.etc...
Well he comes in all sweaty and smelly and goes and takes his shower, meantime I can tell by the look on the girl's face she is up to something, and of course she was, the husband comes out to the living room looking wonderful and takes a moment to sit down, well in this moment the girl says I think I am going to SHAVE the cat! We looked at her dumbfounded like what????? She said yes I am going to SHAVE the cat, so we didn't pay much attention to her at that time, then she goes and gets an old pair of clippers her dad didn't use anymore, grabbed the cat and headed out to the freshly organized and cleaned garage!! The husband says, "What do you think you are doing, I just cleaned the garage" the girl says" I know dad, I will clean it up". The husband is grumbling and saying I can't believe she waits till I have cleaned the garage for her to go out and SHAVE the cat.. So she proceeds to shave the cat, she said that it will help her with her allergies if the cat has short hair instead of long hair...What??? She claims she cleaned the garage but the husband went out and was using very colorful language, I told him to calm down it wasn't a big deal... he just looked at me!!
So now the cat is SHAVED, her allergies aren't any better and the garage needs to be cleaned again...but we are all calm!! Oh and the cat use to have beautiful long fur now he has corn rolls! See pic below..Have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Enjoying The Night...

Good Morning, so yesterday was full of alot things done and really nothing major, I mean we planted our peaches and cream corn, hopefully this will take off, even though we have never done this before, rounded out the garden with green onions, black beauty zucchini, cucumbers! I also planted tons of flowers, hopefully these will come up and I won't kill them somehow, because as the neighbor tells me, "You know Diana, you don't know squat about having a green thumb," Not true I would argue, just because things die off before I have had a chance to water them doesn't mean I don't have a green thumb! It is just I don't get to them in anyone buying this??? Anyways, we weeded the back and front flower beds, and then we had dinner, italain sausages with carmelized onions on a sweetened wheat roll, this was delish! Watched the news, put the Mr. Brain to bed and then we sat outside on what we like to refer to as our treehouse deck, our deck sits above our sunroom, so we get to see the entire neighborhood from above, we spent our time talking and laughing and reminiscing and enjoying Baileys and vodka and coke, this was nice, everyone have a wonderful day!! D