Thursday, January 5, 2012

Motivational Video To Start The Day...

Hi Everyone, well I am trying this is my second day blogging in a row!!! Yes I promised that I would try to do better at this and I intend to do my part to make this happen.
I know that when we all wake in the morning our intent is either there or not, but what would happen if we knew that just one person really thought enough to want us to have a Wonderful Day, well this is my gift in thought to all of you that come my way through this blog. Know that everyday I desire the same for all people, to wake up number one, to immediately know someone wants them to have a great day, to make the choice to be positive even if everything says it is impossible. Remember we give up so much control of ourselves already for one reason or another, we don't need to give up our thoughts to!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pottery Barn...Not!

 Two posts ago I wrote about a Pottery Barn wall cubbie that I absolutely luvvvved and still luvvvv. I said I was going to send it to the hubby and ask could he plzzzzzzzzzzzzz make this for me, of course he said yes, so on Christmas he presented me with a gift made by his own two hands. YES, it was my cubbie, I haven't hung it on the wall yet, as I need to find a spot a big spot for it. It is 36"X 37" big. I can't believe how much it looks just like the one in Pottery Barn. I wanted mine to be black and distressed and so it was. I luv this cubbie, see for yourself how wonderful it is. The first one is the actual Pottery Barn Cubbie and the next three pictures of the black cubbie is the one my hubby made for me, can you really tell the difference?


Happy New Years!!!

Good Morning Everyone! First of all I want to wish all of you a Prosperous, Healthy and Wonderful New Year! I am sure that most everyone probably has made their list of the RESOLUTIONS(such a dreaded word), I started last year not making resolutions but began to find areas for improvement in my surroundings, in the print I will leave in this world, in my senses around me and of course in MYSELF! I want to continuously make effort in a direction that will lead me to better health, better stewardship over everything in our lives not just in finances, and I want to be strenghtened and encouraged in life! Oh yes I also want to be a better at my writing on my blog....HMMMM...definitely will need to work on this. I don't set a a time period, or a specific goal or allow words such as GUILT AND FAILURE to be part in this. I have found when I allow myself the freedom to just be, the pressure for specific results is gone. I am able to revel in the idea that every change towards the positive is IMPROVEMENT! Life changes every second of everyday with or without my guilt of not doing well enough involved. I have decided that I am not missing the mark in life if I don't reach said goals by a specific time but that I am living life everyday regardless of the goals I have set!!! Please be safe and healthy, Diana