Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pottery Barn...Not!

 Two posts ago I wrote about a Pottery Barn wall cubbie that I absolutely luvvvved and still luvvvv. I said I was going to send it to the hubby and ask could he plzzzzzzzzzzzzz make this for me, of course he said yes, so on Christmas he presented me with a gift made by his own two hands. YES, it was my cubbie, I haven't hung it on the wall yet, as I need to find a spot a big spot for it. It is 36"X 37" big. I can't believe how much it looks just like the one in Pottery Barn. I wanted mine to be black and distressed and so it was. I luv this cubbie, see for yourself how wonderful it is. The first one is the actual Pottery Barn Cubbie and the next three pictures of the black cubbie is the one my hubby made for me, can you really tell the difference?


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