Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Years!!!

Good Morning Everyone! First of all I want to wish all of you a Prosperous, Healthy and Wonderful New Year! I am sure that most everyone probably has made their list of the RESOLUTIONS(such a dreaded word), I started last year not making resolutions but began to find areas for improvement in my surroundings, in the print I will leave in this world, in my senses around me and of course in MYSELF! I want to continuously make effort in a direction that will lead me to better health, better stewardship over everything in our lives not just in finances, and I want to be strenghtened and encouraged in life! Oh yes I also want to be a better at my writing on my blog....HMMMM...definitely will need to work on this. I don't set a a time period, or a specific goal or allow words such as GUILT AND FAILURE to be part in this. I have found when I allow myself the freedom to just be, the pressure for specific results is gone. I am able to revel in the idea that every change towards the positive is IMPROVEMENT! Life changes every second of everyday with or without my guilt of not doing well enough involved. I have decided that I am not missing the mark in life if I don't reach said goals by a specific time but that I am living life everyday regardless of the goals I have set!!! Please be safe and healthy, Diana

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