Friday, March 26, 2010

Who is in the mood for some cafe????

Okay I know I am a coffaholic but listen I only had one cup today, that is like 3 cups less than what I normally take in, and here is the odd thing, at night I will make myself some coffee, drink it and then whamo I am out like a light within 30 minutes no kidding, most people I know usually complain that they can't sleep if they drink coffee at night due to the fact that caffeine keeps them up all night long, not me if I really want a good nights rest I drink a cup of coffee and boom I don't wake up till dawn hits the next day!!!


H.K. said...

You are definitely the only person I know who can go to sleep drinking coffee at night, but sometimes I wonder people who say they can't go to sleep when they drink coffee if it's only in their head. Like too much sugar in kids make them hyper, I never noticed a difference with my son, he was hyper before he ate candy and was still hyper afterwards, lol!

old world sunflower said...

H.K how funny you know my kids did the same thing with cough medicine, the doctor would tell me give them this much back in the day and being a young mom I followed his instructions and my kids went off the walls after taking it, then we found out they had a sensitivity to cough medicine, by the time we got a hold of their doctor he was like well they must be the 1% of kids that get hyper instead of tired! What are you kidding me!!!!!! Have a wonderful day..Diana