Monday, June 14, 2010

Dinner Last Night...

So on Sundays we normally have a very light breakfast and off to church we go, when we get home we usually do our main meal around 2 ish or so, and then we are on our own for later in the evening. Well my husband last night calls me while I am at the store and says, "You know what sounds good" and I say "what", he proceeds to say "deep dish pizza chicago style", and I say" okay where do we get that", he says we make it"' okay well first of all it is 6:30 by the time I get home and they are all looking at me with pitiful starving eyes and I say okay let's make deep dish pizza, so I quick whip up the dough and the hubby comes in and and proceeds to cook the sausage and begins to layer the pizza meanwhile the little kid is saying"I'm not eating that" okay fortunately I had doubled the dough ingredients and had enough to make a totally fabulous cheese pizza for him and his older brother who turned out really didn't want deep dish he just wanted pizza!! The hubby and I finish making the pizza, pop it in the oven and whala here it is and I must say it was very tasty......YUMMMY!!

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