Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Start of Something New...

Good Morning Friends!!!! I know I seem really chipper this morning....well I am, I am so excited, not only because of the the weather starting to change, anyone that knows me knows my favorite time of year is just around the much has been going on this summer, oh where to start.
I finished my class I was taking in college with a great grade, our 22 year old daughter moved to Ohio, our grandbaby Eli turned 1 year started, our 17 year old received her license and bought her first car all on her own....AND I have decided to start a sign shop on Etsy, this will be up and running shortly, all kinds of signs, my husband and I are both artist, he by profession and me just because I feel artistic!!!! Actually I have always been into the arts, I luv pottery, textiles, paint, wood, you name I have decided to keep myself busy, such an understatement...I am so excited...for years my life has been wife, mother, everyone and everything else first and me I will take time to really focus on the me, and I can say I have had it all, I luv being a wife, a mom and a friend, but I really luv ME to.....I am closer to 50 then I am to life has rewarded me with time for me, and my family is very willing to let me have this opportunity, and the husband is more than willing to do his part in helping me with my new business venture...I am so lucky...all this and no coffee yet!!!

Luv and Hugs Everyone, Have a Wonderful Day....Diana

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