Monday, July 30, 2012

Not Long Before Winter...

Hi everyone, so I won't make excuses as to my shortcoming for my blogging, I have just been busy living life!! In all actuality, I started a small job several months ago and as some of you may remember a few posts back I announced that I was starting a sign buisness...well between trying to keep up with that and the new job and driving son #1 and his friends to and from school for weightlifting all summer long and now football practice has started there are just not enough hours in a day!!!!

Well anyone who knows me knows that I luvvvv the fall and winter, seriously I really do luvvvv the 
winter!! I have been getting signs ready for some shows and getting ready put some out on my etsy shop... But I am really excited about one of my patterns that my husband and I have done hat I wanted to preview here first!! I absolutely luvvv it and now I am wishing winter was already here just so I could put this out!! Majority of stuff I do is on the primitive side..with the exception of the custom work I do.
This sleigh will be for sale in my etsy shop before long.... So drumroll please and now presenting my Winter Welcome Sleigh... I know kinda corny but my presentation have never been the best!
Take care and have a Good Night!

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H.K. said...

Wow, I really love your signs! Football season is always the busiest for us too. And congrats on your new job!