Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Cabinets....

So here we are finally made the decision to start on the cabinets in the kitchen, they are in fabulous shape still so we decided to just paint, we painted it white and all the hardware black, wow what a difference this makes, now we only have 15 more cabinets to paint, we just got the one done today to see how we would like it and if this was the color choice we wanted, I said to the hubby just paint them please!!!!!!! I will continue to post on them as they come along, normally we would have had them knocked out in one day, but I made him promise me to take everything down and paint pretty and neatly, this is where he looked at me like I am a man I don't paint pretty!



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Karisa said...

Love your cabinets! You guys are our inspiration when it comes to decorations...all mike talks about is doing the trim and cabinets! It's gonna turn out so nice!