Monday, February 15, 2010


Really I am not shouting, I just want to make sure I got your attention, my friend Shannon has started her blog finally,
you will love it, she and her husband Gary have 8 children and she will be blogging recipes, tips on going green( she is one of the most enviromentally friendly personI know) on raising 8 children, and being a military family, yes her husband Gary is in the armed forces, and as she famously tells me all the time her life is like anyone else's, it is just ORGANIZED CHAOS!! Go check out her site and leave her a big hello! Have a wonderful day, D.

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mommy2jkserjlj said...

Awwww your to sweet. Thanks for the plug :) Your words are so kind. I'm loving that we are now on this blogging adventure together and although we are several states apart, I feel like we are right next door. Love ya girl!