Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dinosaurs are so Delicious!!!

So my little one's class celebrates birthday's only once a month, and yesterday they celebrated all the February birthday's, I said I would bring the cookies, so I asked my little guy what kind of cookies he wanted me to make and he said dinosaurs, okay well fortunately I was prepared ahead of time for such a request like this, I baked on Thursday and decorated on Friday, and now I would like to show them to you, I absolutely loved the way they turned out!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Really I am not shouting, I just want to make sure I got your attention, my friend Shannon has started her blog finally,
you will love it, she and her husband Gary have 8 children and she will be blogging recipes, tips on going green( she is one of the most enviromentally friendly personI know) on raising 8 children, and being a military family, yes her husband Gary is in the armed forces, and as she famously tells me all the time her life is like anyone else's, it is just ORGANIZED CHAOS!! Go check out her site and leave her a big hello! Have a wonderful day, D.

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New Blog Header

So I made and put a new blog header yes most of the pictures of sunflowers with the exception of the middle one are mine, I grew these babies, I nurtured them and watered them and if I could have prayed the sun more on them I would have. I had lined an entire plot with seeds and then one day I went out and what did I find but a bunch of seeds strewn about and torn out of their spot of planting, I thought to myself who would have done this to me, then I saw them, yes they were laughing at me, okay well it appeared they were smirking at me, anyhoo I shouted at them and chased after them and they went away sullen as if saying, Geez lady you're no fun!!
Well these bandits must of returned and they continued to dine on my precious seeds, so I tried an idea that I had been using for the rest of my garden and yes it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They stayed away but all these characters left me were 5 little flowers that in the end were taller than me and everyday they smiled at me and I couldn't stop taking pictures of them, in case you haven't figured out, the Sunflower is my flower, my favorite flower, and this year I will no doubtedly be out trying to fight the bandits once again as they dive bomb my flowers but I am going to be ready, and who knows they might just end up as blackbird pie if they don't watch themselves, JUST KIDDING!!!!!! Have a wonderful day.............

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Be My Valentine........

Well Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and so here is one of my favorites, yes you know it, it is the Charlie Brown's Valentine Special, and yes you know the family is going to get stuck watching it with me, it is because I love them so much I want them to spend family time with me watching, okay well maybe it is more so that I hate to watch shows by myself!!! Hey the hubby is grown and he is always willing, and the kids well they are kids and they should not question the decisions we make for them, right??
Anyways here is the video just the first part you can click on to watch part 2 and 3 if you would like, enjoy your day!!