Monday, January 5, 2009

Baking Before The Storm!

Good Morning Everyone, well yesterday was one very busy day!!!! The weather folks kept saying we were in for some bad weather today, so I thought there is a few things I need from the store, like bread, well the day went on and I just didn't want to get out anywhere so I decided to make my bread, at 8 last night I started baking with the intent of only making bread, well my boys decided they wanted cookies so I decided to bake a batch for them, what was suppose to be 1 loaf of sandwich bread turned into 2 loaves of homemade bread and 31/2 dozen chocolate chip cookies. I tried two new recipes depending on the comments from the family will tell whether they will be made again!!!

Wallah is this even a word, hence the finished product!

Will post pictures of the cookies in a later post.

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Kelly B said...

That looks wonderful. I also like to bake bread. There is something so timeless about it. I feel so grounded. I plan on teaching my kids. I might have to try your sourdough recipe as well. I live in Alabama now but grew up in California. There is nothing like San Francisco sourdough bread. I miss it...