Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cookies for my boys!

The cookies for the boys, if you read my previous post you will see that last at 8 last night I started making bread which this morning my son raved about the toasted sliced bread, he said mom this is the bestest bread I have ever had, that is enough for me to know this recipe is a definite keeper, now I realize that Bestest is not a word, but I had to put exactly what he said in this post, now enough about the bread now I am on to the cookies I changed a couple of things in this recipe like the length of time for baking and I used margaine instead of butter, I love cake like chocolate chip cookies and truly dislike skinny flat cookies!! These cookies happen to fall right into the palm of my hand and I think I am in love.


Ana. said...

Hola Diana, ya veo que eres una magnífica repostera!
Hablas español? Yo uso google traductor ;(
Saludos, Ana!

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

I hardly ever get any baked cookies as I've never met a chocolate chip cookie dough that I didn't like. Hee.

Michelle at Sleepy Cat Hollow

Shannon said...

Hey girl I need these recipes. They look so yummy!!!